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The Schumann family

Lewis and Olive Schumann and their three children moved to Altadena from Colorado in 1888. They purchased 18 acres of ranch land from the Woodbury family and built a home on Woodbury Road just west of Lake Avenue. Their former home still stands at 803 E. Woodbury Road and is one of the oldest homes in Altadena.

Their connection to Mt. Lowe begins in 1902 when, after 14 years of ranching, they decided to sell their property and relocate to the site of the former Altadena Junction. The one-acre property consisted of the abandoned Tally Ho barn and carriage house.

Well known in Altadena, Mrs. Schumann was instrumental in the founding of the community’s first school. Originally called the Calaveras Street School, classes were held in the Tally Ho barn. In 1903 the school moved to the corner of Calaveras and El Molino on property donated by Col. G.G. Green. Altadena Elementary School still stands on the site. The original auditorium of the school was named in honor of Mrs. Schumann. The barn was eventually moved to the corner of Fair Oaks Avenue and Claremont Street in Pasadena, and then torn down to make room for an industrial park. (“Altadena,” Sarah Noble Ives)