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Information and images on this website are from the following sources. We encourage you to explore these resources yourself.

Altadena Historical Society Collections

  • Altadena Historical Society clippings, photos, pamphlets, and people files
  • Marie Adamson collection – photos, clippings and memorabilia
  • L.T. Gotchy collection – photos, letters and memorabilia
  • Charles Seims research on Mount Lowe
  • Trent Steele Collection – photos, newspapers and ephemera
  • Index of Mount Lowe photographs at Pasadena History Museum
  • Pacific Electric books and magazines


  • Camp, Stacey, “The Archaeology of Citizenship” – Includes information on immigrant workers on Mount Lowe Railway.
  • Crump, Spencer, “Henry Huntington and the Pacific Electric”
  • Harrigan, John, “Mt. Lowe Power”
  • Hassler, Dorothy, “Altadena, Yesterday and Today”
  • Ives, Sarah Noble, “Altadena” – Altadena’s first history.
  • Karr, Kathleen, “Spy in the Sky” – Fictional story of Lowe during the Civil War, for third grade readers.
  • Manning, Mike, “Man, Mountain and Memorial” (Available for purchase.)
  • Patris, Michael, “Mount Lowe Railway”
  • Peterson, Robert, “Altadena’s Golden Years” (Available for purchase.)
  • Poleskie, Stephen, “The Balloonist” – A biography of Thaddeus Lowe.
  • Rippens, Paul, “Historic Mount Lowe, a Hikers Guide to the Mount Lowe Railway”
  • Schultz, Barbara Hunter, “Pancho, the Biography of Florence Lowe Barnes”
  • Seims, Charles, “Railway in the Clouds”
  • Seims, Charles, “The World’s Wonder, Marvelous Mount Lowe”
  • Woolsey, Ronald, “Will Thrall and the San Gabriels” – includes a section on Mount Lowe.
  • Zack, Michele, “Altadena, Between Wilderness and City”